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next on "abc 7 news" the rollercoaster ride that was the n.f.c. championship game. >> and we'll join the fans go wild as the niners clinch a a superbowl be
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>> 49ers are going to the superbowl! >> ama: yeah, baby, a change of quarterbacks paid after the
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kaepernick and har hau but a are going to the superbowl. >> are you ready for the harbaugh bowl. jim versus his brother. >> the will meet in two weeks in new orleans. >> 49ers and ravens shut out their opponents in the second half. the niners they had come back from a huge deficit in atlanta, they were down 17-0 early and matt ryan hit gonzalez falcons led at the half. second half was a different story as the niners took over, frank gore, 90 yards total on the ground. niners up 28-24 in the fourth quarter. defense shut out atlanta in the second half. fourth and four over a minute and with a deflection as was intend forward white.
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they will face baltimore in the superbowl after the rave engs victory. >> it's a dream come true. i haven't accepted it will now it's like a dream. it will kick in later on the plane. >> unreal, man. it was the way we wanted to. the cashing of this team. got one more to go. >> we never give up. we never give up. we just fight, we just fight. you have to. >> we've waited a long time for this. how does it feel to go to your first superbowl? >> it's amazing. it's amazing. it's something that i've been dreaming of all my life as a kid. superbowl, superbowl, i mean.... >> 49ers are listen on their way back to the bay area. lilian kim is live at mineta san jose airport awaiting their arrival.
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>> the 49ers are scheduled to arrive after 11:00 p.m. the plane will pull up behind me the players will emerge as n.f.c. champions. they pulled off from a come from behind victory but the niners have chosen not to prolong their celebration in atlanta. they opted to fly back tonight. it was only a few hours after the game ended. so a long day for the 49er organization for sure but no one is complaining. will lilian kim, "abc 7 news". >> ama: thank you so much. and when it comes to the superbowl, we have you covered. sports anchor mike shumann and very own larry beil will be reporting live from new orleans. with the game in atlanta, bay area fans crowded around tvs
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restaurants and bars. john alston joined the celebration as the niners claimed victory. [ cheers and applause ] >> they may have been a few thousand miles away from san francisco but they felt part of the team that just made it all the way to the superbowl. the jam packed board room niners bar erupted, here come the bold predictions. >> niners ar starting a new regime starting in 2013 we're going to win about five superbowls in the next six years. >> and he was impressioned. >> it's unbelievable. never seen that before. we love soccer in europe but this kind of soccer football is much better. >> they were out the door cal hollow and there was an be enemy
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in the midst. >> had i to be honest. >> don't say that too loudly. >> you don't blast me. >> it didn't look good for the niners and some of these fans had more than team spirited on the line. >> 49ers by four or more points, $500 on the four pointed side. >> up at tahoe. >> it's an online bet. so it's on. >> last year the season was over for the niners but wait till next year became a reality. >> niners new stadium is expected to open for the 2014 season but they don't have a deal for naming rights. they said today the team doesn't have anything in the pipeline right now and naming rights deal would help pay for the $1.2 billion project. if the niners win the superbowl maybe a sponsor will step up.
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>> it's been three years since the conditions were right for the mavericks surf contest. they braved the waves. 43-year-old man from santa cruz took home the top trophy. >> sky7hd captured the wave and ride that defining the mavericks. this is the eighth competition which drew 24 surfers from around the world. thomas came to see the giant waves and his surfing heroes. >> it could be more waves, but, yeah, it's pretty impressive to see that. >> it showed the huge traffic back-up on highway 1. more than 30,000 people packed half moon bay. the hotel sold out of the 15,000 tickets early in the afternoon. carol is disappointed. >> we stood in line to get tickets but they sold out. >> they were able to watch on
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big screen, they sold out because people are not allowed on the beach to watch this year. this is why why. on wave injured dozen people on the beach. people filled bars and restaurants. bars were packed. >> i got here at 6:30 this morning and there were people everywhere. >> we captured a beautiful ride at the end of the day but they still provided surfers with thrilling rides and a winner. more than 30,000 people in this bay area, san mateo county sheriffs said they had two arrests, one for d.u.i. and one for public intoxication. coming up the president is now officially in his second term. tomorrow the nation will celebrate his reelection and we'll find out how the president plans to use his speech to reach across the aisle. >> plus, a breakthrough discovery on mars, winning the jackpot, what these little white
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lines can tell scientists about the red planet's former environment. >> hockey is back, the sharks return and highlights from the first game of the season coming up on sports. >> i'm leigh glaser. temperatures across some parts of the bay area in the 70s today
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>> ama: nasa scientists say they made a discovery on mars. they have found white veins packed with minerals at the bottom of a massive crater. they say it's evidence of an ancient stream bed during a wetter time. scientists can look at the minerals to help determine how the environment changed into current dusty landscape.
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>> facebook wants to expand menlo park headquarters but it can't make any changes until city officials agree. it's expected to be considered by the city council on tuesday. the report under current terms facebook would pay the city $1.5 million over the next ten years. company also would have to restrict the number of vehicles going in and out of that new office which would be built around the current headquarters. they plan to put 2800 employees in that new office space. >> ama: president has officially been sworn in for the second term. >> big public ceremony is coming up and what to expect in the speech. >> what you can expect from the monday morning weather as you take a look what is coming up. >> patriots and ravens right there. that is coming up later in sports as they squared off in sports as they squared off in the a.f.c. ch well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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gun control will be a major issue for the president to consider in his second term. today he was officially sworn in during a private ceremony at the white house. tomorrow me delivers the inaugural address. >> i barack obama did solemnly swear. >> it was an intimate setting for his swearing in. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> surrounded by his family, he officially begin his second term. >> i did it. >> it was a far cry from the
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event in 2009 when 1.8 million people packed the national mall. first african-american president to take office. they are still enthusiastic but the hope of four years ago has been tempered by challenges the nation is facing. a stubborn economy and voters lack of confidence in washington that is mired in partisan dysfunction. senior officials said the address tomorrow will lay out his vision for the next four years. >> he is going to say our political system does not require all of our differences or settle disputes, but it is imperative that our leaders try to see common ground when it can and should exist. >> it stretched out over the long weekend. biden kicked off ahead of obama. he was sworn in by supreme court justice sotomayor. >> the president and vice president laid a wreath at
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arlington national cemetery and they attended services at historic black church. >> tonight it's quiet on the national mall but tomorrow about 800,000 people are expected to be on hand for president obama's ceremonial swearing in. and he'll hear his ig nug rally address for his second term. >> our coverage of the inauguration begins tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. we'll have live streaming coverage at starting at 6:30 in the morning. >> if you dare go outside today, instead of watching the football game, it was a spectacular day. >> it was, santa cruz today, 76 degrees. take a look at highs. really a mild weekend all across the bay area. this is live shot of high definition roof cam of coit tower. is it an red or orange red what
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is it. >> lisa: i think it's more orangey than red but this is a good time for all of you to set the monitor, set the color on your set. [ laughter ] and we congratulate them a, as well. we have clear sky and live doppler 7-hd, no returns being picked up. i do want to touch on some of those highs, there is a 76. high in santa cruz, 57 in half moon bay. san francisco in the mid 50s and check out napa, 67 this afternoon. concord is cooler at 60 degrees and livermore 61. here we are right now. temperatures already starting to drop. we have 36 in novato. 34 in fairfield. 53 holding a little heat of san francisco and 49 in oakland and mountain view checking in at 48 degrees. the forecast for the next few days will go clear and cold overnight. a little bit of patchy fog. continued mild tomorrow and then you will notice changes as we
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head into the mid-week time frame. that is when we look for the return of some showers, cold tonight. frost likely in the north bay, east bay where temperatures there will get around the freezing mark or possibly below. near the peninsula as well as san francisco and oakland, look for temperatures in the mid 40s. 45 is expected low for san francisco. 37 in san jose. high pressure building us the dry spell. also mild temperatures. stays in place really for two more days. by tuesday night and wednesday, it will start to break down, push on towards the east. this first cold front here will move in and thicken our clouds by tuesday night and wednesday. possibly bring a few light showers. there is a storm system behind us and bring us likelihood of more rain as we head into saturday night and sunday. so enjoy the next couple of days sunny and mild conditions for
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monday and tuesday, back up into the 60s. we'll start to change and get much colder the end of the week. 63 san francisco. san mateo 64 degrees. temperatures in the low 60s and much like today and then we're going to do it again with 70s. monterey, 70. 67 and plenty of sunshine for gilroy. accu-weather seven-day forecast, clouds will increase a bit tuesday night, there is a cans of some stray showers mainly in the north bay but check out the daytime highs, only in the mid to upper 50s around here. thursday and friday we are dry and it looks like saturday night and sunday, we'll all get wet next weekend. >> ama: larry, we are in the superbowl and we now know who we play zblool. can the universe go up to the hype. niners had a come from behind victory.
9:23 pm
colin had a major come back because the falcons looked tough in the first period. 46 yards a touchdown. 7-0 falcons. it looked like a rout. ryan and jones again, 14-0 again. second quarter. michael james, that is his first career touchdown. they get on the board, down 17-7 and vernon davis, huge in this game. niners down 17-14. and leaving a flawless, 80 yards to gonzalez who may be retiring. 24-14 at the half. they open the third with another touchdown, it's gore. fourth quarter, more gore. falcons deep in 49er territory. he breaks up the pass intended for white.
9:24 pm
atlanta gets the ball back with a few seconds left, complete but time runs out. well short of the end zone and niners are going to superbowl 47. kaepernick 16 of 21 in the air and a touchdown. matt ryan, three tds but two turnovers really hurt their cause. davis five receptions and a touchdown. >> it would be, that is our yellow is to win it all. we wanted to win it all. this is just another step to get us there and we are excited. >> at the end of the day we wanted that "w" so whatever it takes. >> they were doing a perfect job matt ryan and receivers were perfect. the pass game was what was hurting us and what we needed to
9:25 pm
get stop and we had those critical stops. >> ravens had to win on the road and defense did not allow a single point in the second half. ravens and tom brady looking to make the superbowl for the sixth time in his career, brady, turns out to be the only touchdown pass. joe flacco proved that he deserves to be considered one of the elite quarterbacks in the game. ravens up 14-13. fourth quarter, look at the touch here to bolden, 21-13 baltimore and defense comes through here. he gets crushed and fumbles, are a author jones and flacco makes them pay. it's to bolden. he threw for 240 and three touchdowns as the ravens will be going to the superbowl for the first time in 12 years. 28-13 the final and it is time
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for the harbaugh bowl or har >> we had a few fights and few arguments. we'll try to stay out of that business. we'll have them duke it out as much as possible. >> sharks opened up this season in calgary. it's been nine months since the last sharks game. they were down 1-0 and finding patric marleau on the doorstep and that tied it up. march from patric marleau and slides it home. and boyle with a two man advantage for the sharks and patric marleau provided the screen in front. they win their opener and 4-1. back to the harbaughs, imagine what it must be like for the parents. >> very proud but torn come superbowl sunday. >> somebody has to win and
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somebody has to lose. >> thank you. a battle with herself
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